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China Everbright Bank | Private Banking Centre

Innovative Wealth Management Meets Experiential Design

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China Everbright Bank | Private Banking Centre

Innovative Wealth Management Meets Experiential Design

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for portfolio diversification amongst high- and ultra-high net worth individuals. As these investors seek opportunities in alternative markets, our esteemed client, China Everbright Bank, embarked on a ground-breaking initiative in Hong Kong: A one-of-a-kind hospitality hub to engage and introduce prospective HNW clients to the bank’s offerings and relationship management team, at which no transactions will take place. The bank’s recently launched private banking segmentation (also designed by One Space) provided the perfect opportunity to unveil such a truly unique street-level brand experience centre.

One Space was appointed to create this compelling and innovative experiential space at the eponymous Everbright Centre in Wanchai, which would capture the attention of the bank’s potential clients and distinguish its Private Banking offering from their competitors’.

The premises occupy an 8,000 sq ft, double-height, street-facing space on the ground floor of the tower. A sculptural staircase connects to a Mezzanine above. Situated on Gloucester Road, the site is highly visible from various vantagepoints, offering an untapped opportunity to build brand awareness.

Our design concept exploits both the height and depth of the space, as well as the fully transparent, double-height shop frontage commanding the streetscape. Whether day or night, the 4-story-high illuminated exterior brand identity and the 2-story-high dramatic interior are highly visible – not only from street level, but also by pedestrians along the nearby footbridges. Our designers leveraged the interior’s height to incorporate a strikingly animated digital display standing 7 meters tall. This illuminated totem is motorised to move along a trackway on command, attracting attention from several strategic vantagepoints.

We’re proud to have been a part of the journey and we believe that the results are a testament to the artistry and creativity of your team.

The Experience Centre’s main floor accommodates a digital demonstration space, shielded meeting pods and private meeting rooms. A circular, full-service snack bar occupies the heart of the floor, acting as a social magnet for the entire guest experience. This flexible, multipurpose space can be set up to host various activities, such as marketing activities, media events and workshops.

Our team not only took into account material and spatial considerations, but also paid great attention to creating a memorable multisensory experience. Objet d’art, sculptures, an aroma diffuser and greenery were carefully arranged to create a welcoming and relaxed ambiance that engages customers and leaves a lasting impression. We are certain that this centre will capture the hearts and minds of potential clients and solidify China Everbright Bank’s position as a leading wealth management provider.

Photos by Graham Uden