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Ocean Network Express

Mighty Beast of the Ocean

Branded Environments
Hong Kong
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Ocean Network Express

Mighty Beast of the Ocean

With a fleet of over 1.6 million ships, Ocean Network Express (‘ONE’), is the 6th largest container shipping company in the world. Emerging in 2018 from the legacy of three Japanese liner companies, ONE is a cross-cultural enterprise: A Japanese Holding Company, a Singapore Operating Company, and a Hong Kong regional headquarters. Inspired by this story, One Space was tasked to design ONE’s new regional headquarters in Hong Kong.

The project objectives were clear from the outset: To create a highly agile space for ONE’s new home at The Gateway in Tsim Sha Tsui, that would embed evolving patterns of work, support Activity Based Work, and most importantly reinforce ONE’s core philosophy of embracing different ways of thinking, different cultures, and different skillsets.

The space overlooks its iconic dockside, providing unmatched panoramic views across Victoria Harbour and the South China Sea beyond. We worked hand-in-hand with CBRE’s workplace strategy team to develop ideas for flexible work – ranging from ergonomic work settings to an organic zoning model – that would facilitate mobility, choice of workstyle and enhanced collaboration.

ONE’s unusually strong brand identity would also need pronounced expression in these premises. One need only glance across a container port in any city served by ONE to spot the company’s vibrant magenta-coloured containers and vessels. This was an opportunity not to be missed.

Although the whole-floor premises provided ample access to daylight and views, the floorplate’s limited depth and numerous large columns required imaginative space planning solutions. Our planning strategy exploits these ‘obstacles’ in a variety of ways to transform them into shared amenities that help establish frictionless interactions across departments and teams.

In the same way that ONE’s container ships traverse the world’s oceans, our planning concept inspires people to move fluidly across the various work-zones. Alternative Workpoints – unassigned seats & tabletops where one can work comfortably for a few hours – are strategically positioned to become attractive alternatives to conventional workstations.

The quality of their work was impeccable… The team translated the creative concept into a beautiful design that met all our needs.

At the heart of the floorplate, an informal Reception zone anchors a set of highly adaptable multi-purpose spaces, designed to draw together colleagues for collaboration, learning and socialisation. Our designers took inspiration from the sea and dockside for these spaces: An intricately detailed model ship is on display here, as well as a symbolic marine telescope poised at the windows and peering onto the horizon, paying homage to yesteryear’s seamen on the lookout for cargo ships coming in from the sea.

A Work Cafe directly adjoining the Reception space is appointed with a variety of seating types and is flanked by a full-height video wall. This room can be joined onto the Reception space to accommodate a wide range of events, such as Town Halls, Seminars, Cocktail Receptions, etc.