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More PRC Corporates Set Up Shop in Hong Kong SAR

06 July 2021

More PRC Corporates Set Up Shop in Hong Kong SAR

Even though 2020 saw Grade A office vacancies in Hong Kong’s Central District rise to a record 7.3% – the highest since 2004 – this contraction was partially offset by a surge in Mainland China-headquartered companies taking up premium office spaces. These growing enterprises are both eager to gain a foothold in Hong Kong and to take advantage of rarely-reduced rents to do so.

One Space is proud to have served some of these companies, delivering transformative spaces for three highly-reputed China-headquartered enterprises in Hong Kong over the past year; including China Everbright Bank, China Minsheng Bank, and a globally-reputed fintech giant, one of China’s highest-value listed companies.

Our tri-lingual design team is best-placed to help PRC-origin businesses like these set up operations in Hong Kong and Singapore, because we take time to listen and comprehend what makes each one unique, and then to help interpret their needs into the local market. Alignment with Hong Kong’s international role in attracting China-bound investment, for example, needs also to respect and celebrate the rich heritage of the brand’s foundations in the Mainland.

Our designs for these clients are not only energetic, future-ready and flexible, but are also bespoke and human-centric, supporting the unique workplace culture and behavioural patterns of each.

Explore these three significant projects by clicking the photo captions.


One Space 十分荣幸于去年参与其中一些企业设计方案,为三间知名的中国企业设计香港总部,包括中国光大银行、中国民生银行,以及中国市值最高上市公司之一的国际知名金融科技公司。