The Art of Bringing Art to The Workplace

One Space shares insights on the integration of art and office design. Read on to explore our approaches to curation with different artworks, setups and design requirements.

SCMP Talks to Greg Pearce About the Post-pandemic Workplace

In this article about how corporations and workplace furniture companies are adapting to emerging workspace needs in the post-pandemic era, the South China Morning Post interviews Greg Pearce, One Space’s Managing Director, to gain insights into the factors that will shape the workplace of the future. Click here to read the article or download the … Continued

A Novel & Captivating Private Banking Experience

Our latest video shows how our design team interpreted this Private Bank’s Brief to reimagine a more bespoke and personalised journey. As part of our broader revamp of this retail bank’s customer-facing areas in Central, Hong Kong, One Space was engaged to design a novel and captivating experience for its wealth management sector. The result … Continued

How One Space Reimagined the Workplace Culture

Project designed in collaboration with Workplace Revolution. One Space was thrilled to take on a bank’s unique challenges to develop design strategies and co-create a series of on-site experiments to power up spaces for the future of #hybridwork. What an achievement by CRESA and the workplace experience team in #Singapore! We helped to redefine the Joyspace programme by how … Continued

KPMG’s Workplace of the Future

This video takes a deep dive into some innovative ideas that underpin a truly human-centric workplace design. This narrated tour of our recently completed ‘Metroplan’ project for KPMG reveals both the drivers and the outcomes that give this workplace lasting relevance.

SCMP Discusses “Open Plan” and Safety Measures During the Pandemic and Beyond with Greg Pearce

Health concerns surrounding “open-plan offices” emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. South China Morning Post spoke with designers, including our Managing Director, Greg Pearce to discuss innovative measures and technologies aimed at enhancing employee safety and well-being during these times and beyond. Click here to read the article or download the piece below. Also, read One … Continued